Top Grain Leather 9000
All our theater chairs that are specified to have leather feature Top Grain Grade 9000 leather. This means that only top grain leather is used for seating surface, armrest, and neck pillows. The leather is chosen from the top 20% of raw cow hide, as only a small portion can be used and classify as Grade 9000 leather. The end product is a leather that is luxurious, supple and yet incredibility durable and easy to maintain. Only Grade 9000 genuine top grain leather will deliver the performance, comfort and luxury for years to come.

Sleek LED Cup Holder
The LED cup holders on TheaterOne seats are designed with touch sensitive technology rather than physical buttons, which means a sleek look and thinner profile and without buttons. Most competitors still use older, bulky cup holders that feature large physical buttons - looking old, cheap and dated. In additional to having the LED on/off button, a locking button is also provided so that you do not accidentally turn on the LED lights during a movie. Furthermore, the cup holders are designed to give you the most modern and luxurious look possible.

Ambient Base Lighting
LED ambient base lighting adds a nice touch to any theater by giving guiding movies enthusiasts in and out of the theater. The lights can be turned on and off quickly and easily via controls on the cup holder.

Hidden Storage in Every Chair Arm
TheaterOne designs every chair arm rest with a compartment to store your remotes, magazines and other small items you want, hidden away near you for easy access.

Tray Table
The optional tray tables allow you to place your snacks, magazines and laptops on it for ultimate convenience.

Neck Pillow
This universal neck pillow is compatible with all home theater seats, and has a fully adjustable height. Using Top Grain Leather 9000, it is a beautiful and luxurious way to give your neck the support it needs in order to enjoy your home theater entertainment for long hours without fatigue. It is an excellent addition to any home theater seat.

Wall-Hugging Design
The wall-hugging design of all TheaterOne seats ensures that the seats can be placed very close to your wall, virtually eliminating the wasting of space in your room.

Ergonomically Designed with Proper Support
TheaterOne seating is designed with high quality, high resiliency foam materials, which means that the chairs hold their shape, year after year. Furthermore, the foam in the seat back cushion is chosen to be comfortable yet ergonomic, maximizing the enjoyment of your theater while minimizing fatigue. The seat rest is designed with special, high density foam that will be supportive and yet remain in great shape throughout the lifetime of the seating.

Quality Wood and Steel Construction
At TheaterOne, we make sure the seats are capable of high load-capacities and longevity. This means that the seats are feature high quality wood and steel frames, ensuring its shape for years to come while giving the user a high level support and cushioning.